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Datum: 21.03.2018 Uhrzeit: 09:33:00


Empfohlendes System:
Grafikkarte: ab nVidia Geforce6 oder vergleichbare ATI-Karte (eingeschränkt)
Festplatte: 35MB freier Speicherplatz
RAM: 512MB

nur € 9,95


Qb is a new challange for fans of the legendary Tetris. The game enhances the classic 2D game by a third dimension and uses state-of-the-art 3D-Graphics as you have only seen in 3D-Shooters. Most notably are the panorama backgrounds. These 360°-pictures were taken from special places in Hamburg. They were created using the HDR-technique, so their light sources reflect in the material surface of the falling pieces. Together with the outshine effects, which come from overexposed areas of the background images, you will get a graphic experiance which you never had before in a puzzle game before!

The game-play leaves nothing to be desired as well: arbitrary levels of difficulty, different game types and a classic 2D-version provides fun for many hours of gaming!

The game in a nutshell:

  • Popular kind of game-play in state-of-the-art graphics (HDR, reflections)
  • Innovate 3D-mode as well as a classic 2D-version playable
  • Arbitrary levels of difficulty and game modes
  • 360° panorama backgrounds from sights of Hamburg
  • Innovate and stylish menu operated through rotating cubes
  • Multi-Language (Englisch, German and French)

You like the screenshots of Qb? Then download the demo version, now!

Pay attention that the DirectX version provided together with WindowsXP SP2 is too old.

If you cant't run the game, please download the current version from here.