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Datum: 21.03.2018 Uhrzeit: 09:31:57

Chaos Theory

Empfohlendes System:
Grafikkarte: ab nVidia Geforce6 oder vergleichbare ATI-Karte
Festplatte: 10MB freier Speicherplatz
RAM: 512MB


Do you always have the feeling that every casual game available is essentially the same game? Sure, the graphics are different but the gameplay...

Meet Chaos Theory! The new game from blurredVision has a new and unique combination of riddle games and dexterity components. The goal is to fill collectors with free moving particles. To do so, you are able to manipulate certain elements in the game that influence the particles. Some act with a magnetic force, others as portals to move the particles around. Everything movement of the particle is physically correct!


  • Totally new and innovative game play
  • Physically correct animation of all game elements
  • 10 distinct interaction objects
  • Next-Gen Shader graphics
  • Unique ambient sound and sound effects
  • More than 50 Levels of exiting fun
  • Tutorials that introduce every new game element
  • Collect Steam Achievments
  • Level editor: build your own levels and share them with the whole world!

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You played every level of the game? You still cannot get enough of the goodness that is Chaos Theory? Head to the Level Downloads section to get new content or create it yourself.