Nearly every game or interactive application needs a GUI for displaying information on screen. Our BlurredGUI provides a library that is especially designed as a small, easy to use set of widgets for a full screen application.

Key features:

  • Easy integration into existing frameworks
  • Written in C++
  • Supports DirectX 9.0c
  • Can be drawn on any existing DirectX surface
  • Direct access to draw functionality
  • Event driven mouse and keyboard interaction
  • Action events and listeners are used for access notification
  • Full set of display widgets implemented. These include buttons, dropdown menus, lists, textboxes, draggable frames and many more.
  • Background and element images supported
  • Memory management

Features of the next version:

  • Support for OpenGL
  • Interface for other languages like C# and Managed DirectX



The Frame element.

A Frame can group Canvas elements that will be displayed as tabs. Different colors can be applied to the text, border and background. Frame elements can be moved on screen by dragging the bar at the top. If a frame is not draggable, the bar will not be drawn. If transparency is set, objects in the back are visible through the frame.

Several frames can be attached to a Shell. They can be arranged by dragging them and can overlap. A selected frame will be drawn on top of other frames.


The DropDown element.

Items can be selected. After selection, the list will be closed.


The List element.

Selected list items will be highlighted. Lists can be limited in the number of elements displayed. If the list is limited, small buttons at the top and bottom are visible to enable scrolling.

The RadioButton element.

RadioButtons can be grouped. If several RadioButtons are grouped, only one item can be selected.

The Slider element.

The Slider handle can be moved to select a certain value. The slider can also be limited to a certain step range, i.e. 100. The slider will jump to the values 0, 100, 200, ... accordingly.

The Menu bar.

MenuItems can be added ("File", "Edit"). Lists of sub-menus can be added as drop down elements, that will appear when the element is selected by the mouse.

A Screenshot of a simple scene with two overlapping frames.

The menu at the top is filling the width of the screen.

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